Native American

1842 Cherokee Claims Delaware District Volumes I-IV compiled by Marybelle W. Chase
1842 Cherokee Claims Flint District Volumes I-IV compiled by Marybelle W. Chase
The Goingsnake Marriages 1869-1910
Index to Marriage Records: Oklahoma County Oklahoma Territory 1889-1907 Special Publication No. 11
Index to the Payment Roll For Old Settler Cherokee 1896 Transcribed by Marybelle W. Chase
1851 Cherokee Old Settlers Annuity Roll transcribed by Marybelle W. Chase
Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835 transcribed by Jack D. Baker
Records of the Cherokee Agency in Tennessee 1801-1835 transcribed by Marybelle W. Chase
Cherokee Drennen Roll of 1851 transcribed and indexed by Marybelle W. Chase
Complete Delaware Roll 1898 by Dorothy (Tincup) Mauldin and Jeff Bowen
Dawes Roll “Plus” of Cherokee Nation “1898” by Bob Blankenship
Roll of Eastern Cherokees 1909 by Guion Miller
Extract if the Rejected Applications of the Guion Miller Roll of the Eastern Cherokee Volume 1-3 by Jo Ann Curls Page
The 1890 Cherokee Nation Census Indians Territory (Oklahoma) Book 1 and 2 transcribed by Barbara L. Benge
A Guide to Native American (Indian) Research Sources at the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Robert Scott Davis, Jr. 
The American Indian by National Archives and Records Service General Services Administration: 1972
Cherokee Miscellany: Ancestors Are the People of History Marvin Sowder
Exploring Your Cherokee Ancestry: A Basic Genealogical Research Guide by Thomas G. Mooney
Cherokee Ancestry Resource Guide by Frankie Sue Gilliam
Preliminary Inventories Number 163 Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Volume I-II Compiled by Edward E. Hill
Federal Population Schedule of the United States Census 1860 Indian Lands West of Arkansas published by Dorothy J. (Tincup) Mauldin
1835 Cherokee Census Monograph Two compiled by the Trail of Tears Oklahoma Chapter
Cherokee National Cemetery and Citizens Cemetery: Fort Gibson, Oklahoma compiled by Sonny Benge and John Bradley 
Marriages Reported by Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation Newspapers: 1870-1907 compiled by James G. McCullagh , published by the Goingsnake Heritage Association
Cherokee Ration Books 1836-1837-1838: New Echota
Easter Cherokee Census Cherokee, North Caroline 1915-1922 taken by Agent James E. Henderson Volume I-III transcribed by Jeff Bowen
Cherokee Indian Research Resources by Linda Geiger and Ted Brooke
Native American Research Resources at the Georgia Archives by Robert S. Davis
Pocahontas and her Descendants Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc.
General History
Handbook of the Middle American Indians Volume 1: Natural Environment and Early Cultures by Robert Wauchope
Mans Rise to Civilization As Shown by the Indians of North America by Peter Farb
The American Heritage History of The Indian Wars Washburn
Through Indian Eyes: the Untold Story of the Native American Peoples by Reader’s Digest
The Native Americans: An Illustrated History Turner Broadcasting 
The World of the American Indian National Geographic Society
Timelines of Native American History by Susan Hazen-Hammons
The Indians Time Life Series
Indian Home Guards: Civil War Service Records transcribed by Marybelle W. Chase
Cherokee History
Old Frontiers: The Story of the Cherokee Indians from Earliest Times to the Date of their Removal to the West, 1838 by John P. Brown
Cherokee Trail Diaries Volume I-III by Patrick K.A. Fletcher, Dr. Jack Earl Fletcher and Lee Whitley
History of the Moravian Missions Among Southern Indian Tribes of the United States by Rev. Edmund Schwarze, Ph. D.
The Moravian Springplace Mission to the Cherokees Volume I-II edited and with an introduction by Rowena McClinton
Cherokee and Baptists in Georgia by Robert C. Gardner
Cherokee Footprints… Volume I-II by Charles O. Walker
Footsteps of the Cherokees: A Guide to the Eastern Homelands of the Cherokee Nation by Vicki Rozema
The Federal Road through Georgia, the Creek Nation and Alabama 1806-1836 by Henry DeLeon Southerland, Jr. and Jerry Elijah Brown
Whites Among the Cherokees: Georgia 1828-1838 collected and edited by Mary B. Warren and Eve B. Weeks
Special Publications of the National Genealogical Society Number 21: Passports Issued by Governors of Georgia, 1785 to 1809 by Mary G. Bryan
Upon Our Ruins: A Study in Cherokee History and Genealogy by Don L. Shadburn
Unhallowed Intrusion: A History of Cherokee Families in Forsyth County, Georgia by Don L. Shadburn
Cherokee Planters in Georgia 1832-1838 by Don L. Shadburn
The Early Nineteenth Century Missionaries in the Cherokee County by Henry Thompson Malone
Forsyth County’s Historical Heritage, booklet by Don L. Shadburn
Chief James Vann: Cherokee Patriot by James W. Bell
The Cherokee Nation: A History by Robert J. Conley
Cherokee Messenger by Althea Bass
Cherokee Mixed-Bloods: Additions and Corrections to Family Genealogies of Dr. Emmet Starr Volume 1: Cordery, Ghigua, Ridge-Watie, Ross, Sanders and Ward, CD by David Keith Hampton
Mixed Blood Indians: Racial Construction in the Early South by Theda Perdue
Cherokee Roots Volume 2: Western Cherokee Rolls by Bob Blankenship
Cherokee Editor: The Writings of Elias Boudinot edited by Theda Perdue
Your Cherokee Guide
Cherokee Cavaliers by Edward Everett Dale and Gaston Litton
CWY YE: Cherokee Blood Volume I-II Cherokee Indian Genealogy based on Records of U.S. Court Claims by Shirley Hoskins
Cherokee Connections by Myra Vanderpool Gormley
The Cherokees of North Caroline in the American Revolution by James H. O’Donnell III
Cherokee Removal
Indian Removal: The Emigration of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians by Grant Foreman
Carrying of the Cherokee: History of Buffington’s Company Georgia Mounted Militia by John W. Latty
Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook by Barabra R. Duncan and Brett H. Riggs
Cherokee Removal Before and After edited by William L. Anderson
The Georgia Historical Quarterly Volume LXXIII Fall 1989 Issue no. 3
Cherokee Voices Early Accounts of Cherokee Life in the East by Vicki Rozema
Voices from the Trail of Tears by Vicky Rozema
Only the Names Remain: The Cherokees and the Trail of Tears by Alex W. Bealer
The Cherokees by Grace Steel Woodward
The Journal of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick May 19, 1838-April 1, 1839 Cherokee Removal Monograph One trail of Tears Association
Creek/Choctaw (Southern Tribes)
Antiquities of the Southern Indians Particularly of the Georgia Tribes by Charles C. Jones, Jr.
The Southern Indians: The Story of the Civilized Tribes Before Removal by R.S. Cotterill
Handbook of the American Frontier Four Centuries of Indian-White Relationships Volume I: The Southeastern Woodlands by J. Norman Heard
Indian Heritage of Georgia by Marion R. Hemperley
The Indians in Oklahoma by Rennard Strickland
The Five Civilized Tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole by Grant Foreman
Creek Indian History: A Historical Narrative of the Geanology, Traditions and Downfall of the Ispocoga or Creek Indian Tribe of Indians by one of the tribe, George Stiggins 
Creek Indians: The Creek Indians and their Florida Lands 1740-1823 Volume I by James F. Doster
The American Old West Woodward Reminiscences: A Personal Account of the Creek Nations in Georgia and Alabama by Genera Thomas S. Woodward
Benjamin Hawkins’ Sketch of the Creek County 
A Sketch of the Creek Country and Letters of Benjamin Hawkins Vol. II part I and Vol. IX by Benjamin Hawkins
William Augustus Bowles: Director General of the Creek Nation by J. Leitch Wright, Jr.
Red, White and Black: Symposium on Indians in the Old South by Charles M. Hudson
Africans and Creeks: From the Colonial Period to the Civil War by Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr.
The North American Indian: A Choctaw Source Book by David Hurst Thomas
Osceola’s Legacy by Patricia R. Wickman
Western Tribes
The Mystic Warriors of the Plains Thomas E. Mails
Echoes of the Ancient World: The Indians of the Great Plains by Bancroft-Hunt and Forman
My People, the Sioux by Chief Luther Standing Bear
Crimson Desert: Indian Wars of the American Southwest by Odie B. Faulk
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West by Dee Brown
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