Index to Revolutionary War Service Records Vol I-IV Virgil White
Index to Revolutionary War Pension Files: Vol I-IV Virgil White
DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition Parts I-III NSDAR
DAR Patriot Index Vol. (1986) Vol. III NSDAR
DAR Magazine Index Vol I-III NSDAR
Approximately 350 DAR Messages 1930-present NSDAR
DAR Library Catalog Vol. I-II Michaels/Scott
Genealogical Department DAR Magazine 1947-50 Esker
American Genealogical Research at the DAR Washington DC
Genealogical Index to DAR Magazine 1961-65
DAR Library Catalog Vol. I Supplement 1984
American Revolutionary Patriots and Descendants Vol I-II Carter
Revolutionary Memoirs and Muster Rolls Warren
The “Lost” Pensions (1776-1860) Scott
Revolutionary War Genealogy Schweitzer
A General Index to the Census of Pensioners *Rev. Service 1840
Pension Lists od 1792-5 w/ other Rev. War Pension Records
Census for Pensioners for Rev and Military Service 1840 Census
Corrections to the Index of Rev War Pension Applications
Loyalists in the Southern Campaign Clark
American Loyalist Claims Coldham
Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants (state gov.) Bockstruck
Pierce’s Register Pierce
Georgia Roster of the Revolution Knight
Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia Vol. I-III McCall
Military Certificates of Georgia 1776-1800 Hemperly
Georgia Citizens and Soldiers of the American Rev. Davis Jr.
The American Revolution in Georgia Coleman
Roster of Rev. Soldiers and Pat’s Whose Descendants Ga DAR: Etowah
The King’s Ranger Thomas Brown and the American Revolution in Southland Bryan
Catalogue of the Ga. DAR Library
Historical Collections Joseph Habersham Coll. DAR II-III Peel
Historical Collections Joseph Habersham Ch. Vol. III 1910
Historical Collections Ga. Chapters NSDAR Vol. I 1926
Vol. II 1929, Vol. III. 1930, Vol. IV 1932, Vol. V 1949
Membership Roll and Register of Ancestors of the Ga. State Soc. Of NSDAR 1976 and 1986 Drew/Kilgore
Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia 1941 McCall
Encounters on a March Through Georgia in 1779 Davis Jr.
Colonial and Revolutionary Records of Ga. 21 Vols. Candler
Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist Johnston
Georgia’s Revolutionary Bounty Land Records 1783-1785 O’Kelly/ Warren
Georgia Pensioner’s (Rev.-Mexican Wars) 1985 Payne
Marked Graves of Rev. Soldiers and Patriots Buried in Ga.
Authentic List of All Land Lottery Grants Made to Veterans of the Rev. War by *** Georgia Hitz
600 Revolutionary Soldiers Living in Georgia 1827-8 Houston
Guide to the Draper Manuscripts Harper
Militiamen, Rangers, Redcoats The Military in Ga 1754-1776 Johnson
Virginia Military Records
Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution Gwathmey
Revolutionary War Records Virginia Brumbaugh
Orderly Book of Captain Benjamin Taliaferro, 1780 Wallace
Revolutionary Patriots of Buckingham CO., Va. Rosen
Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper S.C. Landrum
Founding Family The Pickneys of S.C. Williams
Roster of S.C. Patriots in the American Revolution Moss
Ninety Six The Struggle for the S.C. Backcountry Bass
Most Important Epocha: Coming of the Rev. in S.C. Weir
South Caroline DAR Bible Records DAR
Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants in S.C. Draine and Skinner
South Carolina Provincial Troops Salley
Records of the Regs. Of the S.C. Line in the Rev. War Salley
S.C. Rev. Soldiers, Sailors, Patriots and Descendants Vol. I Maddox/Carter
South Carolinians in the Revolution Ervin
A Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers and Patriots in Alabama Julich
Kentucky land Warrants, for French, Indian and Rev. Wars Wilson
Maryland Records Colonial, Revolutionary, County, Church Vol. I and II
Maryland Revolutionary Records Newman
Roster of Soldiers from N.C. in the American Revolution NCDAR
King’s Mountain and it’s Heroes Draper
N.C. Rev. Soldiers, Sailors, Patriots, and Descendants Vol. I-II
N.C. Rev. Army Accounts Sec. of State Treasurer’s Papers 1775-76
Abstracts of Sales of Confiscated Loyalist Land and Property in N.C.
Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of N.C. Vol III
One Heroic Hour at Kings Mountain Alderman
Guilford Courthouse Hairr
The Carolina Backcountry on the Eve of the Revolution Hooker
The N.C. Continental Line in the American Revolution Rankin
Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western N.C. Burke Co. Vol I-II
Indian Home Guards: Civil War Service Records transcribed by Marybelle W. Chase
Virginia Revolutionary War Land Grant Claims 1783-1850 (REJECTED) William Lindsay Hopkins 

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Revolutionary War