War Between the States

War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Volumes 1-129 and Index
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Volumes 1-31 
Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Volumes 1-96 and 4 Index
Confederate Military History, Extended Edition Volumes 1-17 and 2 Index
Southern Historical Society Papers Volumes 1-53 and 3 Index
Confederate Veteran Volumes 1-40 and 3 Index
Southern Bivouac Volumes 1-6 
Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865 Volumes 1-6 and Index
Biographical Roster’s of Florida’s Confederate and Union Soldiers 1861-1865 Volumes 1-6 
North Carolina Troops 1861-1865: A Roster Volumes 1-18
Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions From North Carolina in the Great War 1861-1865 Volumes 1-5
The South Carolina Regimental-Roster Set Volumes 1-14 *New*
Virginia Cemetery Series: Men in Gray Interments Volumes 1-18: Individually Indexed
Roster of Confederate Graves: Georgia Division UDC Volumes 1-9 and Index
The Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires Volumes 1-5
Tennessee in the Civil War Volumes 1-2
The Image of War: 1861-1865 Volumes 1-6
Voices of the Civil War Volumes 1-16, Time-life
The Civil War: A Narrative, Secession to Fort Henry by Shelby Foote Volumes 1-13, Incomplete, Time-life
The Civil War, Master Index Illustrated Guide Volumes 1-27 and Index, Time-life
Civil War Times Illustrated Volumes 1-20 

Portals to Hell: Military Prisons of the Civil War by Lonnie R. Speer
Civil War Prison Camps: A Brief History, booklet by Robert C. Jones
Prison-Pens of the North, pamphlet by Michael Dann Hayes
The True Story of Andersonville Prison: A Defense of Major Henry Wirz by James Madison Page
A True Story :Andersonville Journey The Civil War’s Greatest Tragedy by Edward F. Roberts
Andersonville: The Southern Perspective Captain Henry Wirz, Martyr of the South
Edited by J.H. Segars
Andersonville Prison and Captain Henry Wirz Trial, booklet
Andersonville Georgia USA by Peggy Sheppard
Andersonville: A Story Out of Context, Dealing With the Manpower Strategy of the Civil War ,pamphlet (Reprint of the U.D.C. Bulletin of 1921 entitled- “Facts and Figures, Henry Wirz and the Andersonville Prison” by Miss Mildred Lewis Rutherford)
Camp Sumter: The Pictorial History of Andersonville Prison by Ken Drew
Three Hundred Days in the Yankee Prison: A Former Confederate Soldier Recalls His Capture and Imprisonment at Camp Chase, Ohio by John H. King M.D.
To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas 1862-65 by George Levy
Den of Misery: Indiana’s Civil War Prison (Camp Morton) by James R. Hall
Unlikely Allies: Fort Delaware’s Prison Community in the Civil War by Dale Fetzer and Bruce Mowday with foreword by Leland C. Jennings
The Union Prison at Fort Delaware: A Perfect Hell on Earth by Brian Temple
Immortal Captives: The Story of Six Hundred Confederate Officers and the United States Prisoner of War Policy by Mauriel Phillips Joslyn
Elmira: Death Camp of the North by Michael Horigan
The Business of Captivity: Elmira and its Civil War Prison by Michael P. Gray
Rebels at Rock Island: The Story of a Civil War Prison by Benton McAdams
Rosters and History of the Civil War Prison: Ship Island, Mississippi by Theresa Arnold-Scriber and Terry G. Scriber
Civil War Prisons and Escapes: A Day by Day Chronicle by Robert E. Denney with Foreword by Edwin C Bears
Spies/ Secret Agents

The Secret Six: The Fool As Martyr (Volume Three of the Sacred Fool Quartet) by Otto Scott
The War Between the Spies: A History of Espionage During the American Civil War by Alan Axelrod
Spies and Spy Masters of the Civil War by Donald E. Markle
Secret Missions of the Civil War by Phillip Van Doren Stern
A Discovery in History: Confederate Agent by James D. Horan
Secret Yankees: The Union Circle in Confederate Atlanta by Thomas G. Dyer
Battles and Locales

Allatoona Pass, Georgia
The Battle of Allatoona Pass: The Forgotten Battle of Sherman's Atlanta Campaign - R.  
  C. Jones
Antietam / Sharpsburg
The Gleam of Bayonets The Battle of Antietam & Maryland Campaign - James Murfin
Landscape Turned Red The Battle of Antietam - Stephen W. Sears
Antietam The Photographic Legacy of Americas Bloodiest Day - William A Frassanito
The U.S. Army War College Guide to the Battle of Antietam The Md. of 1862 Campaign
The Battle of Antietam (Park Service) - Stephen Spears
To Appomattox Nine April Days, 1865 - Burke Davis
The Long Surrender - Burke Davis
Appomattox Victory, Defeat and Freedom At the End of the C. W. - Elizabeth Varon
Witness to Appomattox - Richard Wheeler
Atlanta / Atlanta Campaign
The Battle of Allatoona Pass: The Forgotten Battle of Atlanta Campaign - R. C. Jones
Atlanta Voices of the Civil War - Time Life
Atlanta and the War - Webb Garrison
Atlanta 1864 Last Chance for the Confederacy - Richard M. McMurtry
Atlanta - Jacob D. Cox
Sherman's Battle for Atlanta - General Jacob D. Cox
The Bonfire The Siege and Burning of Atlanta - Marc Wortman
War So Terrible Sherman and Atlanta - James L. McDonough & James P. Jones
The Siege of Atlanta, 1864 Samuel Carter III
The Battle of Atlanta The Atlanta Cyclorama
Last Train From Atlanta - A. A. Hoefling
The Atlanta Campaign A Driving Tour of Atlanta's CW Battlefields - Atlanta Hist. Soc.
Walking the Line Rediscovering & Touring the CW Defenses ... Atlanta - L. Krumenaker
The Campaign for Atlanta - William R. Scaife 
The Battle for Atlanta and the Georgia Campaign - William Key
Decision in the West the Atlanta Campaign of 1864 - Albert Castel
Echoes of Battle The Atlanta Campaign (Narratives) - ed. L. Strayer & R. Baumgartner
Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign - George N. Barnard
Fields of Glory A History and Tour Guide - Jim Miles
The Atlanta Campaign C.W. Driving Tour of Atlanta Area Battlefields - J. Britt McCarley
Sherman's March
Marching Through Georgia Soldiers & Civil. During Sherman's Campaign - L. Kennett
Marching Through Georgia My Walk With Sherman - Jerry Ellis
Sherman's March Eyewitness History... - Richard Wheeler
Southern Storm Sherman's March to the Sea - Noah A. Trudeau
The March to the Sea - William R. Scaife
To the Sea History and Tour Guide of Sherman's March - Jim Miles
The Fiery Trail A Union Officer's Account . Sherman's Last Campaigns - Thomas Osborn
Battles, Miscellaneous
Opening Guns Fort Sumter to Fredericksburg -Ed. Albert A Nofi
Where A Hundred Thousand Fell (Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, 
  Spotsylvania - Joseph P. Cullen
Bentonville, N.C. / Army of Tennessee Surrender
This Astounding Close The Road to the Bennett Place - Mark L. Bradley
Bentonville The Final Battle of Sherman and Johnston - Nathaniel C. Hughes Jr.
The Battle of Bentonville March 19, 20, 21, 1865 - Park Service
Beauvoir A Walk Through History - James West Thompson
Bull Run / Manassas
Battle at Bull Run A History of the First Major Campaign of the C. W. - William C. Davis
Donnybrook The Battle of Bull Run, 1861 - David Detzer
Return to Bull Run The Campaign & Battle of Second Manassas - John J. Hennessy
Cedar Creek
The Guns of Cedar Creek - Thomas A. Lewis
Champion Hill
Champion Hill Decisive Battle for Vicksburg - Timothy B. Smith
Chancellorsville Lee's Greatest Battle - Edward J. Stackpole
Chancellorsville Fredericksburg Guide to the Battles of - U.S. Army War College Fredericksburg & Chancellorsville The Dare Mark Campaign - Daniel E. Sutherland
Chancellorsville 1863 The Souls of the Brave - Ernest B. Furguson
Chancellorsville - Stephen W. Sears
Chancellorsville - John Bigelow, Jr.
Chancellorsville 1863 Classic Battles Jackson's Lightning Strike - Carl Smith
The Battle of Chancellorsville (Civil War Times) - Joseph P. Cullen
The Battle of Chancellorsville Civil War Series - National Park C.W. Series
Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston Under Siege The Impregnable City - Douglas W. Bostick
Civil War of Charleston South Carolina A City Under Siege - North & South Mag.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Mountains Touched With Fire Chattanooga Besieged 1863 - Wiley Sword
The Shipwreck of their Hopes The Battles for Chattanooga - Peter Cozzens
Chattanooga - A Death Grip on the Confederacy - James Lee McDonough
Six Armies in Tennessee The Chickamauga & Chattanooga Campaigns - S. Woodworth Cities Under the Gun Images of Occupied Nashville & Chattanooga - James A. Hoobler
Chickamauga, Georgia
The Chickamauga Campaign December 1862-November 1863 - Patrick Abbazia 
This Terrible Sound The Battle of Chickamauga - Peter Cozzens
Six Armies in Tennessee The Chickamauga & Chattanooga Campaigns - S. Woodworth
The Battle of Chickamauga A Brief History - Robert C. Jones
Battle of Chickamauga 145th Anniversary Souvenir Program
Columbia, South Carolina / Sherman's March
A City Laid Waste The Capture, Sack, & Destruction o/t City of Columbia - Wm. Simms
The Burning of Columbia, S. C. - A Review of No. Assertions & So. Facts - D H Trezevant
Sherman's March Through South Carolina in 1865 - Harvey T. Cook
The Fiery Trail A Union Officer's Account . Sherman's Last Campaigns - Thomas Osborn
South Carolina Invasion (Two Diaries Susan Jervey & Charlotte Ravenal)
Columbus, Georgia
Columbus Georgia 1865 The Last True Battle of the Civil War - Charles A. Misulia
Fauquier County, Virginia
The Civil War in Fauquier - Eugene M Scheel
Forts, Confederate
Confederate Goliath The Battle of Fort Fisher - Rod Gragg
Forts Henry and Donelson The Key to the Confederate Heartland - Benjamin F. Cooling
Fort Pulaski (National Park Service) - RalstonB. Lattimore
Fort Sumter (National Park Service) - Frank Barnes
First Blood The Story of Fort Sumter - W. A. Swanberg
Sumter The First Day of the Civil War - Robert Hendrickson
Opening Guns Fort Sumter to Fredericksburg (Various Battles) - Albert A. Nofi
Franklin, Tennessee
The Retreat From Pulaski to Nashville, Tn. Battle of Franklin, Tn. - Levi Schofield
The Chessboard of War Sherman & Hood in the Autumn Campaigns of 1864 - A J Bailey
Eyewitness at the Battle of Franklin - ed. David R. Logsdon
The Battle of Franklin, Tennessee (First Hand Account) - Byron Bowers
The Battle of Franklin (Tennessee Historical Quarterly) - Sims Crownover
The Battles for Franklin & Nashville (Civil War Times)
Fredericksburg, Virginia
The Fredericksburg Campaign Drama on the Potomac - Edward J. Stackpole
Chancellorsville Fredericksburg Guide to the Battles of - U.S. Army War College
Fredericksburg & Chancellorsville The Dare Mark Campaign - Daniel E. Sutherland
The Battle of Fredericksburg (Civil War Times) - Edward J. Stackpole
The Battle of Fredericksburg (National Park C.W. Series) - William Marvel
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Gettysburg: The Final Fury - Bruce Catton
Gettysburg The Confederate High Tide (Civil War Times)
Gettysburg The Long Encampment - Jack McLaughlin
The U.S. Army War College Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg - ed. Luvaas & Nelson
Gettysburg Battle & Battlefield - W. C. Storrick
American Heritage History of the Battle of Gettysburg - Craig L. Symonds
Gettysburg A Journey in Time - William A. Frassanito
Gettysburg (Tourist Guide)
The Gettysburg Magazine Historical Articles of Lasting Interest (1992)
Gettysburg Commemorative Issue (2003)
Wasted Valor The Confederate Dead at Gettysburg - Gregory A. Coco
They Met at Gettysburg A Stirring Account o/t Battles at Gettysburg - Edward Stackpole
The Gettysburg Staff Ride (Order of Battle etc.)
Requiem (Epic Poem) - Thomas Yoseloff
The Gettysburg Nobody Knows - Ed. Gabor S. Boritt
Lost Triumph Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg - Tom Carhart
Lee and Longstreet at High Tide - Helen D. Longstreet
Nothing But Glory Pickett's Division at Gettysburg - Kathy Harrison & John Busey
In the Bloody Railroad Cut at Gettysburg - Lance Herdegen & William Beaulot
Twilight at Little Round Top July 2, 1863 - Glenn W. Lafantasie
"Come On, You Wolverines!" Custer at Gettysburg - Michael Phipps
On the Bloodstained Field 130 Human Interest Stories... - Gregory A. Coco
On the Bloodstained Field II - 132More Human Interest Stories...- Gregory A. Coco
Ghosts of Gettysburg Spirits, Apparitions & Haunted Places o/t Battlefield - M. Nesbitt
More Ghosts of Gettysburg Spirits, Apparitions & Haunted Places etc. - Mark Nesbitt
Griswoldville, Georgia
Griswoldville - William Harris Bragg
Fields of Glory Battle of Griswoldville November 22, 1864 - Gary Livingston
Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia & Great Train Robbery
Kennesaw Mountain June 1864 Bitter Standoff a/t Gibraltar of Ga. - R. Baumgartner
Historical Guide for Kennesaw Mountain Nat. Battlefield Park & Marietta Ga. - B. Yates
The Road Past Kennesaw The Atlanta Campaign of 1864 - Richard M. McMurry
Daring & Suffering A History of the Andrews Railroad Raid - William Pittenger
Wild Train The Story of the Andrews Raiders - Charles O'Neill
The General The Great Locomotive Dispute - Joe F. Head
The W&A, The "General", and the Andrews Raid A Brief History - Robert C. Jones
A Brief History of the Locomotive General (booklet) - Robert C. Jones
Retracing the Route of the General (booklet) - Robert C. Jones
The Historic "General" 1862 (booklet) - Randell McBryde
Mobile, Alabama
Confederate Mobile - Caldwell Delaney
Confederate Mobile - Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.
Two Naval Journals: 1864 at the Battle of Mobile Bay - C. Carter Smith, Jr.
Montevallo, Alabama
Battles of Montevallo and Bibb Furnace - Tourist Guide
Montgomery, Alabama
The First White House of the Confederacy Montgomery, Alabama - 1st Wh. House Asso.
Nashville, Tennessee
Shrouds of Glory From Atlanta to Nashville: Last Great Campaign o/t War - W. Groom
Cities Under the Gun Images of Occupied Nashville & Chattanooga - James A. Hoobler The Chessboard of War Sherman & Hood in the Autumn Campaigns of 1864 - A J Bailey
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Night the War Was Lost - Charles L. Dufour
Olustee, Florida
The Federal Campaign of 1864 in East Florida - Mark F. Boyd
Olustee Battle Festival Sesquicentennial Edition 
Peachtree Creek, Georgia
The Battle of Peachtree Creek Hood's First Sortie 20 July 1864 - Robert D Jenkins, Sr.
Pea Ridge, Arkansas
Pea Ridge Civil War Campaign in the West - William L. Shea & Earl J. Hess
Peninsula Campaign, Virginia
The Peninsula Campaign 1862 - Joseph P. Cullen
Pensacola, Florida
Pensacola in the Civil War (booklet) - Pensacola Historical Society
Perryville, Kentucky
Perryville Battle for Kentucky - Kenneth A. Hafendorfer
Perryville This Grand Havoc of Battle - Kenneth W. Noe
Petersburg, Virginia
The Last Citadel Petersburg, Viginia, June 1864 - April 1865 - Noah A. Trudeau
Pickett's Mill, Georgia
The Battle of Pickett's Mill Along the Dead-Line - Brad Butkovich
Archaeological Investigations at Pickett's Mill Historic Site Paulding Co. Ga. - Nat. Res.
Port Hudson, Louisiana
Port Hudson Confederate Bastion on the Mississippi - Lawrence Lee Hewitt
Port Republic, Virginia (Valley)
Conquering the Valley Stonewall Jackson at Port Rebublic - Robert K. Krick
Red River, Louisiana / Mississippi
Civil War Marine, A Diary of the Red River Expedition, 1864 (Frank L. Church)
Resaca, Georgia
The Battle of Resaca - Philip L. Secrist
Richmond, Virginia
To the Gates of Richmond The Peninsula Campaign - Stephen W. Sears
The Last Days of the Confederacy (Eyewitness Fall of Richmond) - A.A & Mary Hoehling
Illustrated Guide to Richmond, The Confederate Capital - City Intelligencer 1862
Roswell, Georgia
Charged With Treason: Ordeal of 400 Mill Workers...1864-5 - Michael D. Hitt
North Across the River A Civil War Trail of Tears - Ruth Beaumont Cook
"The Women Will Howl" ...Capture of Roswell & New Manchester - Mary D. Petite
Rowlett's Station, Kentucky
The Battle of Rowlett's Station, Kentucky December 17, 1861 - F. Whittaker & R. Dorner
Seven Days Battles
The Seven Days The Emergence of Lee - Clifford Dowdey
Shiloh, Tennessee
Shiloh On Your Own An Illustrated Guide to the Battlefield - National Park Service
Ship Island, Mississippi
Ship Island and the Confederacy - Zed H. Burns
Spotsylvania, Virginia
If it Takes All Summer The Battle of Spotsylvania - William D. Matter
The Battles For Spotsylvania Court House & the Road to Yellow Tavern - G. C. Rhea
Stones River, Tennessee
The Battle of Stones River No Better Place to Die - Peter Cozzens
Tennessee's War 1861-1865 (1st Person Accounts) - Ed. Stanley F. Horn
Battlefields in Dixieland (Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Nashville - Chickamauga Mil Park
Valley Campaign, Virginia
Stonewall in the Valley T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson's Shenandoah Valley...-R. G. Tanner
Conquering the Valley Stonewall Jackson at Port Republic - Robert K. Krick
Yellow Tavern, Virginia
The Battles For Spotsylvania Court House & the Road to Yellow Tavern - G. C. Rhea

WBTS Biographies

Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat Volumes I & II - Grady McWhiney
Cleburne, General Patrick R.
Invisible Hero Patrick R. Cleburne - Bruce H. Stewart, Jr.
Stonewall of the West Patrick Cleburne & the Civil War - Craig L. Symonds
Mark Anthony Cooper The Iron Man of Georgia - M. Cooper Pope III & J.D. McKee
Davis, Jefferson
The Papers of Jefferson Davis Vol. 1, 1808-1840 - Ed. H M Monroe, Jr. & J T McIntosh
The Papers of Jefferson Davis Vol. 2, 1841 -1846 - Ed. James T. McIntosh 
The Papers of Jefferson Davis Vol. 3, 1846-1848 - Ed. James T. McIntosh
 The Papers of Jefferson Davis Vol. 4, 1849-1852 - Ed. Lynda Lasswell Crist
The War Between the States Vols. I & II - Alexander H. Stephens
Jefferson Davis A Memoir By His Wife Vols. I & II
Jefferson Davis The Man and His Hour - William C. Davis
Jefferson Davis American Patriot 1808-1861 - Hudson Strode
Jefferson Davis The Essential Writings - Ed. William J. Cooper
The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis - Cass Canfield
Jefferson Davis - Herman S. Frey 
The Capture of Jefferson Davis - John A. Fox
Davis, Jim Limber (excerpts CW Times etc.)
Sam The Civil War Experiences of Private Samuel Davis - Beverly A. Rude
Intrepid Warrior Clement Anselm Evans - Robert Grier Stephens, Jr.
The Robert Findlay Iron Works...Macon Ga. 1839-1912 - R. S. Davis Jr.
Forrest, Nathan Bedford
Nathan Bedford Forrest A Biography - Jack Hurst
A Battle From the Start The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest - Brian Steel Wills
Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest - John A. Wyeth
That Devil Forrest Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest - John Allan Wyeth
"First With the Most" Forrest - Robert Selph Henry
"Fightin' With Forrest (Historical Novel) - Charles Gordon Yeager
Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company - Andrew Nelson Lytle
Nathan B. Forrest - Civil War Times Special Edition
May I Quote You General Forrest? - Ed. Randall Bedwell
States Rights Gist A South Carolina General of the Civil War - Walter Brian Cisco
Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant - U. S. Grant
Grant and Sherman The Friendship That Won the Civil War - Charles B. Flood
Hampton III, General Wade 
Gentleman and Soldier The Extraordinary Life of General Wade Hampton
Wade Hampton Confederate Warrior, Conservative Statesman - Walter B. Cisc0
Hampton and His Cavalry in '64 - Edward L. Wells
Lord of the Congaree Wade Hampton of South Carolina - William H. Willmon
Hill, General A. P.
General A.P. Hill The Story of a Confederate Warrior - James I. Robertson, Jr.
A. P. Hill Lee's Forgotten General - William Woods Hassler
Senator Benjamin H. Hill of Ga... His Life, Speeches and Writings - Ben. H. Hill, Jr.
Jackson, General Stonewall
Stonewall Jackson The Man, The Soldier, The Legend - James I. Robertson
Life and Campaigns of Lieutenant General Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson - R. L. Dabney
They Called Him Stonewall A Life of General T. J. Jackson, C.S.A. - Burke Davis
Lost Victories The Military Genius of Stonewall Jackson - Bevin Alexander
Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War - George F. R. Henderson
The Last Days of Jackson Let US Cross Over the River.. - Ralph Happel
Stonewall Jackson's Book of Maxims - Ed. James I. Robertson, Jr.
A Different Valor The Story of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, C.S.A. - G. Govan, J. Livingood
Sidney Lanier The Man, the Poet, the Critic - Edd Winfield Parks
Lee, General Robert E.
General Lee - General Fitzhugh Lee
Gray Fox Robert E. Lee and the Civil War - Burke Davis
Lee (abridged, 1 vol.) - Douglas Southall Freeman
Robert E. Lee A Biography - Emory M. Thomas
Robert E. Lee's Civil War - Bevin Alexander
Lee The Soldier - Ed. Gary W. Gallagher
Robert E. Lee The Soldier - Major General Sir Frederick Maurice
Robert E. Lee - Manfred Weidborn
Robert E. Lee The Man, and the Soldier Pictorial Biography - Philip Van Doren Stern
Robert E. Lee A Life Portrait - David J. Eicher
Virginia's General Robert E. Lee and the Civil War - Albert Marrin
Reflections on Lee A Historian's Assessment - Charles P. Roland
Reading the Man A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters - E. B. Pryor
The Robert E. Lee Reader - Ed. Stanley F. Horn
Recollections and Letters of General Lee - Captain Robert E. Lee
Life and Letters of Gen. Robert Edward Lee - Dr. J.W. Jones
Robert E. Lee's Derwent Letters (booklet) - Joseph H. Crute, Jr.
Lee's Last Campaign The Story of Lee and Men Against Grant - 1864 - Clifford Dowdey
Last Chance For Victory Robert E. Lee & the Gettysburg Campaign- S Bowden & B Ward
Lost Triumph Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg & Why it Failed - Tom Carhart
Lee and Longstreet at High Tide - Helen D. Longstreet
Lee The Last Years - Charles Bracelen Flood
Lee After the War The Greatest Period in the Life of a Great American - M. W. Fishwick
Lee The American - Gamaliel Bradford
Duty Faithfully Performed Robert E. Lee and His Critics - John M. Taylor
Call of Duty The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee - J. Steven Wilkins
Robert E. Lee and the Road of Honor - Hodding Carter
The Genius of Robert E. Lee Leadership Lessons For the Outgunned, Outnumbered, and  
  Underfinanced - Al Kaltman
Robert E. Lee on Leadership Executive Lessons in Character, Courage, & Vision - H.W. Crocker III
Leadership Lessons of R E Lee Tips Tactics Strategies For Leaders & Managers- B Hoton
Ethical Leadership of Robert E. Lee - Mike Lipsey, R Fischer & S. Mercer
Robert E. Lee The Christian - William J. Johnson 
The Soul of Life - Randolph H. McKim 
The Lee Girls - Mary P. Coulling
Robert E. Lee's Lighter Side The Marble Man's Sense of Humor - Thomas Forehand, Jr.
The Maxims of Robert E. Lee For Young Gentlemen - Ed. Richard G. Williams, Jr.
May I Quote You, General Lee? - Ed. Randall Bedwell
President Dwight D. Eisenhower on Robert E. Lee (folder)
Lee: The Great Captain (Folder) - Scott Bowden
Robert E. Lee and Fort Pulaski (booklet) - Rogers W. Young
Arlington House The Robert E. Lee Memorial (booklet) - National Parks Handbook
Custis-Lee Mansion The Robert E. Lee Memorial (booklet) - National Park Service
Lee Chapel Washington & Lee University (booklet)
General Stephen D. Lee - Herman Hattaway
Lincoln, Abraham
The Real Lincoln A New Look at Abe Lincoln, His Agenda & Unnecessary War - Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Lincoln Unmasked What You are Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe - Thomas  
  J. DiLorenzo
The Real Lincoln From the Testimony of His Contemporaries - Charles L. C. Minor  
Forced Into Glory Abraham Lincoln's White Dream - Lerone Bennett Jr.
The Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln (Monster or Messiah?) G. L. Christian
Genesis of Lincoln Truth is Stranger Than Fiction - James H. Cathey
Why Was Lincoln Murdered? - Otto Eisenschiml
The Day Lincoln Was Shot - Jim Bishop
Lincoln at Gettysburg The Words That Remade America - Garry Wills
The Lincoln Reader - Ed. Paul M. Angle
Lincoln His Words and His World - Country Beautiful
Lincoln's Sons - Ruth Painter Randall
Robert Todd Lincoln's Hildene Manchester Village, Vermont (booklet)  
Longstreet, General James
General James Longstreet The Confederacy's Most Controversial Soldier - J. D. Wert
General James Longstreet The Confederacy's Most Modern General - Harold Knudsen
James Longstreet Lee's War Horse - H.J. Eckenrode & Bryan Conrad
Lee's Tarnished Lt. James Longstreet & His Place in Southern History - W. G. Piston
Lee and Longstreet at High Tide - Helen D. Longstreet
God and General Longstreet The Lost Cause & the Southern Mind - Connelly & Bellows
May I Quote You General Longstreet? - Ed. Randall Bedwell
Commemorative Program Remembering the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Lt. Gen.
  James Longstreet, CSA
Mosby, John S.
Mosby's Ranger's - Jeffrey Wert
Rebel The Life and Times of John Singleton Mosby - Kevin H. Seipel
Gray Ghost The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby - Ed. Paul Andrew Hutton
William Thomas Overby Proud Partisan Ranger - Carolyn Cary
Lee's Young Artillerist William R. J. Pegram
General Sheridan Great Commanders - General Henry E. Davies
Sherman, General W. T.
Memoirs of General William T. Sherman by himself - W. T. Sherman
Grant and Sherman The Friendship That Won the Civil War - Charles B. Flood
Semmes, Admiral Rafael
Memoirs of Service Afloat During the War Between the States - Admiral Rafael Semmes
Confederate Raider Rafael Semmes of the Alabama - John M. Taylor
The Gallant Georgian Maj. William E. Simmons, CSA (16 Ga. & 3 Batt. Ga. sharp-
  shooters Joseph P. Byrd IV
Stuart, Jeb
Jeb Stuart The Last Cavalier - Burke Davis
Bold Dragoon The Life of J.E.B. Stuart - Emory M. Thomas
Stevens, Alexander H.
Alexander H. Stephens of Georgia A Biography - Thomas E. Schott
Recollections of Alexander H. Stephens - Ed. Myrta Lockett Avary
Alexander H. Stephens A Biography - Rudolph Von Abele
Grant's Cavalryman The Life and Wars of General James H. Wilson
"Fightin' Joe" Wheeler - John P. Dyer
"One of the Most Daring of Men" The Life of Con. Gen. William Tatum Wofford - 
  Gerald J. Smith